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The Low-Resolution Ultima Maps Project (LRUMP) seeks to portray fantasy worlds from games and beyond in a format inspired by computer RPGs from the 80s (especially the Ultima series).

The maps are provided in a TMX format (for Tiled). You can use these maps in your game and art projects.

Some of these maps have more artistical than practical purposes, most of them look pretty cool.

You are welcome to contribute to the repository by making new maps or improving the current ones.

Here are some of the maps that are currently available:

  • Castleton - Buccaneers' Den

Based on the events of the Hearth of Britannia ]|[ event.

For this one, I based myself on U4 Buccaneer’s Den, increased the scale by 3X, and then used the map of Castleton as Buccaneer’s Den, made by Rustic Dragon for the event. 

This detailed map of the isle depicts the combat between the forces of Lord British and Lord Blackthorn in the Northern Fortress, as well as the town of Buccaneer’s Den (also known by the locals as “Castleton”), the ruined shrine, the dungeon, and many other features including Lord’s British mansion on the isle.

  • Castlevania 2 - Transylvania

The shady realms of Transylvania — After defeating Dracula, the legendary vampire killer Simon Belmont was forced to jump his way through swamps, mansions, and forests, in order to gather the body parts of the vampire count and burn them in the ruins of Castlevania, the demon Castle.

This was used for the first "guess the map" challenge I ran over the Internet. Where people were shown the map alone and had to guess where it came from.

  • The Legend of Zelda - Death Mountain's coast

Ganon has resurrected and invaded Hyrule, fetching the Triforce of Power and kidnapping Princess Zelda in order to obtain the Triforce of Wisdom and thus gain maximum authority over the world; he takes her prisoner into his stronghold on the Death Mountain, south of western Hyrule, hoping to persuade her into giving up. Instead, she fractions it into 8 PIECES and scatters them on the caves surrounding the mountain, calling forth for a hero to save the land.

  • The Legend of Zelda III: A Link to the Past - Light World Hyrule

The evil wizard Agahnim has taken over Hyrule and is trying to open a gate to the Sacred Realm, by kidnapping beautiful maidens and doing weird experiments in the darkness of the night. Will the young link be able to fulfill his destiny?

  • Worlds of Ultima: Martian Dreams - Mars

A neighbor planet to Earth, and easily reachable via Space Bullet. When the avatar arrived in 1895, it was mostly deserted having been a victim of an awful plague of nightmares

  • Middle Earth

Created with the intent of being completed in increments adding more details.

  • Worlds of Ultima: The Savage Empire - Valley of Eodon

Warped to an alien location on prehistoric earth when an experiment involving moonstones goes awry, the avatar must save the inhabitants of the valley from being conquered by a race of vicious bugs, while rediscovering love in the brown eyes of a beautiful girl.

  • Super Mario Bros 3 - Grasslands

The grasslands of the Mushroom World were a tranquil place ruled by a fancy sultan-king… until that dark night when Larry the Koopa and his troop transformed the king into a puppy and stole his honor. It was then that the plumber from another world came and saved the grasslanders from the menacing airship that sowed terror into the land.

  • Ultima 4 - Britannia

After the destruction of Exodus, a huge cataclysm destroyed most of the world and reshaped it forever. Mountains rose, lands sank, and in the end, the world changed into what we have come to know as Britannia. Lord British emerged as the major ruler on the land and seeking to have a way to control his subjects he called forth for a champion of virtue to be found.

Unlike other maps of the collection, this one is mainly provided to be used as a foundation for fanmade videogames or other creations.

An ASCII version (for roguelike lovers) is also provided.

  • Ultima 5 - Britannia

Same intent as the Ultima 4 Britannia Map.

  • Ultima 7 - Dungeon Despise

A natural cave system located in the Serpent Spine mountain range, north of Britain. In the times of the Black Gate, it was wrecked with foul magic which doomed all who ventured there to roam forever their dark corners.

  • Ultima 7 - Trinsic

In case you ever wondered how a big city map from Ultima 7 would look in about the same space as an Ultima 4 map (it's actually 4x times bigger!)

  • Ultima 8 - Morgaelin

What if U8 had been developed in 1985? freed from the hassle of needless jumping, crappy combat, and tiny places to explore: I give you Morgaelin Island!

This is the map that kickstarted the LRUMP project. It's currently used by Morgaelin, the Ultima 8 demake.

  • Ultima 8 - Tenebrae

The city of eternal twilight, the stronghold of the ruling Tempest of Pagan… the dark reign of Lady Mordea has transformed it into a prison of fear; will the Avatar be able to make a smile return to both poor and rich children of the Zealans?

  • Ultima 9 - Britannia

Britannia is under attack by the Guardian… the titan of Ether returns victorious from Pagan and must now roam the huge, extensive world to recover the shrines of virtue, shut down the scary pillars and finish up a long, traditional franchise in a glorious way. Go forth avatar!

This one was done mostly to make fun of how small the U9 world felt compared to previous games.

  • Ultima Underworld - Level 1, Stygian Goblin Colony

Year 173 of the Britannian Calendar: Sir Cabirus, a virtuous knight, obtains permission from Lord British to found a settlement of virtues in the most dangerous location of Britannia: The fiery Isle of the Avatar, and the evil Stygian Abyss within it. 50 years later, the colony has crumbled apart, and the Avatar is summoned in his dreams, to rescue a princess and save the world from utter destruction.

While doing the process of overlaying the tiles over the source map, I noticed, by entire chance, that the maps of the game are actually based on a grid! so in the end this wound up being an almost one-to-one translation from the originals into a top-down view.

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