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A traditional roguelike where you have to beat El Diablo (the devil). You are a countryman, a coffee farmer living in the mountains of Colombia, but fate has it for you to seek revenge.

Visit the towns in the valley of Oporapa, and prepare for your showdown in the Farashon hills, where you will find caves inhabited by many Colombian myths and legends.

This is a game inspired by Colombian tales, geography, landscape, and legends.


  • Illustrations: Laura Rubio / inkiluanna
  • Pixel art: Agua Hervida
  • Audio: Juan Carlos García / QuietGecko
  • Music: Camilo Fique
  • Design and Content: Esteban Martinez / Stoltverd 
  • Design and Coding: Santiago Zapata / slashie


Full history log

  • March 12, 2023: 7DRL Version Released
  • [...]
  • March 24, 2023: 7DRL PJ7b
    • Fix bug with lair and grotto maps crashing the game