March 1980.

Glenn Wichman and Michael Toy, students at the University of California, share an apartment in Santa Cruz, California.

The development of the first versions of rogue, a game that decades later would spawn an entire genre, and whose design would influence video games in general, is taking place here. Using a video terminal and a 300 baud modem, the two young friends connect to a computer located in a basement at the university, long nights of coding and design before the rise of the videogames industry.

And then, the unthinkable happened. The connection to the computer is broken, and the work done during the weekend is at risk of being lost. There is only one way to fix it: Glenn should venture into the depths of the communications center, and restore the connection before it's too late.

But on his way to the computer: humans. And within the interaction with them the opportunity of being a kind, honest person, or just brush them away. What will you do?


About the Hidden Hero and their story

The first time I met Glenn Wichman, one of the developers of the original Rogue video game, was when he participated in the 7DRL challenge in 2007 and I interviewed him for Temple of the Roguelike. Years later, he would give a spin to my professional life as he trusted me with ever-growing challenges that finally allowed me to become a professional full-time game developer.

Beyond the historical significance of the work he did in rogue, he is a great inspiration to me as he continues his journey in videogames even as of 2023, may be not as a celebrity but definitively as a hidden hero bringing joy to thousands of people all around the world with his work.

But even putting that aside, through the years I've found in Glenn a person that is kind, no matter what life throws at him, and he is always there when you need him to share his wisdom and help in any way he can. At the same time, you can also count on his words to be honest even if that means there will be a disagreement.

It's tricky to make a game about being kind, and that's why in this game it will be your choice. You might find that most of the time, being kind has no immediate retribution, but what do you feel in your heart when you are kind? I hope this game evokes that feeling if even a little bit.



  • Music and Sound Effects: VGMushroom
  • Design, Programming, Pixel Art: Santiago Zapata "slashie"
  • Cover Art: Self-portrait by Glenn Wichman
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
TagsPixel Art, Roguelike


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Hi Slashie, we really like this project and wondering if you would like to enter it into another jam called Cause Jam:! More importantly, Cause Jam specializes in curating a package of games to send to children in hospitals. You can learn more about this at Let me know if you are interested!


Hey, I saved Rogue!  I noticed you added a little point we talked about on the Discord server - that was a fun little easter egg for me that I enjoyed seeing!  And having part of the environment be ASCII was a fun little flourish that made me chuckle. Well done!