Cat Cafe Dessert Panic! Is an action-adventure game where you, as Pera, are the waitress at a cafe for cats. The cats are excited to eat, and they'll do anything to get in your way. Do not drop the desserts or it's game over!

Playing full screen is recommended. For better gameplay (specially on mobile) Play online HERE!


Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)
Made withPhaser
Tags8-Bit, agbic, Casual, Cats, Female Protagonist, NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), Singleplayer

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Would love a downloadable PC version for Windows / Linux / Raspberry Pi.

how’d you get it to look so authentic? It’s even stretched like in gameplays of old games


to me, yawl should make an actual rom of this game

Challenging, fun, and kinda annoying for cats to pounce on you when you have food but very fun. 8.9/10

It would be better if the game actually told you how to feed the cats. I figured out you just press in their direction but I was confused for a bit. Also actually giving the food to the cats is finicky. Seems to work better if I'm passing the food directly down to a cat but even then. Really fun though and cute! Can't stand to see my char cry after losing though. ;n;

But I guess that's incentive.

I'm planning to do some tweaks and release a new version soon. Also, be brave!!! :D

As I would hope from the cover - this is SO CUTE! Nice job. It was a lot of fun - and pretty hard to satisfy those pesky cats. :)