Kill all the monsters in the dungeon, but beware the deadly traps.

Back in 2014, Richard Garriott, the creator of the Ultima Series, posted a call for coders all around the globe to recreate one of his first games, and possibly one of the very first computer RPGs, into a modern accessible format; he posted a link to a 24 pages scanned version of his BASIC source code; thankfully, dejayc, one of the members of the SoTA community went thru several iterations and finally produced a flat text file which made things much easier.

How could I let this opportunity pass? I delved into the project; not caring much about the contest per se, but rather the option to recreate such an interesting piece of history. The moment I saw the post I started researching on the topic and stumbled upon this video, I immediately knew what I was to do


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This is a great rendition of the game and good way to preserve history. I can't imagine how much paper would be wasted playing this IRL.

The mobile version's keyboard gets cut off on most narrow screen widths.

Thank you! I'll check about the mobile version

A fascinating piece of gaming history.