It's 1884, the European superpowers have met to decide the future of the African continent... now their leaders face each other in an Open golf tournament to divide the land between themselves

Occupy or invade African territories by landing your golf shoots into them, the player who manages to hold 10 territories wins the game.


  • Military: Increases the odds of invading an occupied territory (or defending from an invasion)
  • Logistics: Determines how far you can reach with a shoot.
  • Leadership: Influences the accuracy of your shoots.


A production of Slashware Interactive

  • Design and Direction
    • Santiago Zapata
  • Programming
    • Santiago Zapata
    • Camilo Ramirez
  • Sound Effects
    • Juan Carlos García Angel
  • Music
  • Art
    • Paul Pereda
    • Giovanny Ramirez
    • David Florez

Development log