A.I. Opponents added

Medellín, Colombia -- December 31, 2020 -- Colombian indie game developer Slashware Interactive wrapped up 2020 announcing the release of 1884 - Golf Over Africa, a local multiplayer game where friends challenge each other to “conquer” Africa in a golf tournament, taking the seat of an European colonial power.

The game can be described as a mix of grand strategy games like Europa Universalis, Crusader Kings, or even the board game Risk, with classic arcade golfing video games. Occupy or invade African territories by landing your golf shoots into them, the player who manages to hold 10 territories wins the game.

First conceived as part of 2018’s Ludum Dare #41 game jam, the game has been completely revamped with new art, sounds, support for touch-screen and mouse input, and A.I. opponents, to make it more accessible and visually appealing.

1884 - Golf Over Africa, is available for free on the itch.io game portal, through which the developers are accepting contributions to further develop the game to include multiplayer support, and more European powers.

Slashware Interactive is the developer of the multiplatform roguelike “Ananias”, as well as the upcoming expedition strategy game: “NovaMundi”. They focus on developing readily accessible strategy games with procedural content generation.

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