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Dreams… of heroes and monsters in faraway lands… jungles, caverns… aliens, turtles… they haunt your mind every night, a new adventure every time you close your eyes.

You wake up in a cave. You see a metal door with a rusty keyboard plugged in. As you approach the door, a robotic voice asks you to enter your password.

Who are you and why are you here? and most importantly…. what is the password? as you step outside the cavern you find yourself in a deserted wasteland. You ride your bike over the ruined roads, trying to survive and find an answer.


You stand in a ruined world filled with mutants and monsters, your mission is to enter the shelter where it's supposed to be safe, but you forgot the password. The only way to remember it is to find the fragments of it in your video game-themed dreams.

Press A and S to change the actions you perform with Z and X, these are different depending on the world you are in. Move around with the arrow keys or the numpad.

You start in the middle of a dream; while in your dreams you must survive and find the lightbulb to remember a fragment of the password. 

When you wake up, you will be next to a red square that represents the entrance to the shelter. Step on it and walk all the way to the left to find the shelter door. This is where you will input the password once you manage to remember it.

While in the real world, you need to keep yourself well-fed, hydrated, and healthy, use your bike to roam the wasteland looking for supplies, but beware of the mutants and crazy surface dwellers. Remember to keep your bike fuel up, and stock in ammo to defend yourself until you can sleep again.

Known Issues

  • Pressing S when there are no available special skills might crash the game
  • In general, this game was made in 7 days for the 7DRL Challenge 2012. There is a lot of rough stuff! if enough people care I will prepare a bugfix version so make sure to report them as comments below!


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7DRL version with media pack (recommended) 4 MB
Media Pack 169 kB
Original 7DRL version 4 MB


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