Lead an indigenous "Muisca" community, farming Maize, making offers to the gods, and crafting sacred gold-works in preparation for a great celebration. 

It has been some years since the strangers from beyond the sea arrived in the lands of the Muisca. Slowly but firmly, the Europeans have risen into power, and the traditions and beliefs of the Muisca fade away as the foreign culture blends into their daily life, and the catholic priests punish their celebrations as heresy. The cultural heritage of the Muisca is at risk of being lost.

In the Muyscubun of Bogota, the language spoken by the indigenous Muisca people inhabiting the lands around the central Andes in Colombia, Muyscamuy means "The Maize of the People". Like many other inhabitants of the Americas, farming of Maize or Corn was a very important aspect that impacted their culture both in the ordinary and the sacred.

🌽    CREDITS    🌽

🎨  Illustrations: David Florez (simernio)  🎨

🎧  Audio: Juan Carlos García (QuietGecko)  🎧

✍️  Narrative Design: Esteban Martinez  ✍️

💬  Linguistics and Cultural Research: Manuel Gomez Aguaquiña  💬

🤖  Programming and Design: Santiago Zapata (slashie)  🤖

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Published 6 days ago
AuthorsSlashie, QuietGecko
GenreStrategy, Educational, Simulation, Survival
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Farming, indigenous, Singleplayer, Tycoon, Unity

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Great game! Couldn't manage to build that darn temple which broke the game for me :(