An evil corporation is draining the planet's resources, the only way to stop them is to blow the core of their four reactors in the Kradia Valley.


  • Move around using the arrow keys, numpad, vi keys or QWEASDZXC
  • Bump into the enemies to attack.
  • Space to fire your energy rifle
  • Tab to change the target for your energy rifle
  • G or Comma to pick up items
  • Use "I" to access your inventory, from there press:
    • Up and Down to change the selected item
    • Enter to use the selected item
    • D to drop the selected item


You are alone at home on a rainy day, it's time to play your favorite game. 

An evil corporation is draining the planet's resources, the only way to stop them is to blow the core of their four reactors in the Kradia Valley.

Armed with your buster sword, a plasma cannon, and explosives, you infiltrate the heavily guarded facilities, hoping to reach the reactor cores, place the explosives and return in time to the surface.


  • Find the Willemite Chambers in the reactors to acquire new skills and improve your weapons.


Version History

The original 7DRL Challenge version can be played online at There have been two additional versions, which I consider minor content additions for audio, as well as small gameplay tweaks based on the player's feedback.

  • March 15 2021, 7DRL+ version.
    • Integrate Sound Effects: Steps, separate enemy plasma rifle, hurt, death, bomb setup, reactor explosion, alarm.
  • March 20 2021, 7DRL++ version.
    • New Sound Effects: Pick up, Reload, Heal, No Target, No Ammo, Slash.
    • New Ambiance: House, Overworld, Reactor.
    • Integrate Music: Overworld.
    • End turn when using, dropping, or picking up items.
    • Reacquire target if current target out of range.
    • Display message when bumping solid tile.
    • Brew coffee and change icon for TV.
    • Display pending reactors after an explosion.
    • Reduce the number of items overall.
    • Remove Wallemite chamber in Epyona1
  • April 6 2021, 7DRL+++ version
    • Different corpses and death messages by race
    • Diagonal movement with vi's yubn
    • Diagonal movement with home - end - page up - page down
    • Move map 1 line up
    • Longer track for Reactor music

Development log


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It's so 80'

Really enjoyable and atmospheric game. I really like the "stuck inside on a rainy day, let's play games" narrative, and I kind of want the "house" part of the game to feel a little more alive, with its own meta-narrative somehow in between failed attempts at beating the inner-roguelike. Or maybe the inner game is periodically interrupted outright because you need to go change out the laundry or something, I dunno. It's a great concept though, and I love it.

Probably could use some type of in-game version of the key reference-- I didn't get too far in on my first playthrough because I skimmed over the directions and clicked into the game without memorizing everything, assuming there would be signposts/references in the game somehow if I forgot something. And I managed to figure out all the keys by trial and error except for how to fire my gun-- spacebar never entered my mind as a possibility. So that first playthrough ended up being a melee-only challenge run. Went a lot smoother after I read the instructions. >_> <_<

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Very good gaem. I got to blow up only one of their reactors because it take me a couple of tries to understand the mechanics.

The good: The feeling of being inside a game that is inside a game, the HUD and the way the world shows the doors when the PC is not inside the room where the door is. The SFX of the water footsteps, and the music inside the buildings, it sounds a bit like Lisa: the painful.

The bad: Nothing... only my lack of skills and time.

The things that can be better: Being able to use other keys in the Numpad to use the inventory or pickup items, where's the SFX of the rain? (💡 it could sound far away when the player is inside the game), and more things to do in the house.

Most of the time I was thinking that a stealth game with this look and feel would be terrific... so please do one!

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Very cool roguelike. I really like the minimalist presentation and the sci-fi setting. It seemed a bit too easy with all the healing serums, but maybe that only happens at the beginning. Looking forward to seeing this game grow 🚀