You have started a new life in the tranquil Emerald Woods, miles away from any sign of human civilization. You are on your own.

Farming: Till the ground with your Hoe and plant seeds in order to grow food. Build fences to prevent animals from eating them.

Crafting: Get wood and stone from nearby, and extend your cabin or build utility spaces and tools.

Exploring: In the distance you have seen some abandoned buildings, what secrets do they hide?


There are three ways to input a direction:

  • Using the arrow keys (no diagonals)
  • Using the numeric pad (if available)
  • Using the WADX pad (QWE + AD + ZXC)

Movement depends on whether you are in Exploration mode (the default) or in Farming mode. Press "F" to toggle between them.

If you are Exploration Mode, pressing a direction key will directly move your character into that direction.

In Farming Mode, pressing a direction key will make you face in that direction, or move forward if you are already facing that direction. This facilitates performing tasks and picking up items.

Pressing Shift and a direction key will make you face into that direction, regardless of the current mode.

Contextual Action

The action button (Ctrl, Space of Enter) is contextual, its effect depends on the object in front of you.

  • If there is an object or plant you can pick up, you will try to pick it up.
  • If there is an animal, you will attempt to capture it.
  • If there is a special object, you will use your selected item on it.
  • Else, you will use your selected item in the direction you are facing.

For some actions, the number of used item matters (For example when dropping produce into the exchange machine). In these cases, Enter will use the entire quantity of your items, while Space will use a single one.

Other common actions

  • Tab - Select next item
  • M - Make or Build
  • R - Release item
  • L - Examine item (+Shift to examine world)
  • T - Create seeds from vegetable
  • N - Take a Nap
  • S - Save Game

Specific Actions

Some times you will want to perform a specific action that is not covered by the contextual action, in that case you can use the actions below:

  • U - Use selected item (Regardless of what is in front of you)
  • P - Pick up item


Emerald Woods requires a modern browser capable of running ES6.

If you have any issues with the game, feel free to post about them in the community.


Lead Designer and Developer: Santiago Zapata (Slashie).

Amazing Audio and Art Style contributions by QuietGecko and Mapedorr

Original version made for the Seven Days Roguelike Challenge 2020.

Powered by JSRL and unicodetiles.js

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